Sgraffito techniques and the search for relationships with form and depth.


My background is in painting and what I constantly explore is depth. This curiosity and focus has carried over to my ceramic work as I am concentrating in the relationship between visual depth and form in clay.

Materials, Curiosity, and Process

Iā€™m a very simple person when it comes to my materials. I keep my palette limited and my tools specific but versatile. The list of materials are as follows.

  • Needle tool

  • Loop tool

  • Sponge

  • Brushes

  • Washcloths

  • Palettes/Containers

  • Decorative Slip, Patinas, Underglazes, and Glazes

  • Water and Clay

You will need curiosity to continue, find something you admire or something you would like to etch into your clay, be it patterns or designs, or just abstraction and color. Most importantly find the fun in the process.

My process is all about figuring out two things, the composition and form. What I focus on is trying to execute a connection with all the materials listed, not for the sake of it but because of the different textures and variety they create as well as how the process can differ constantly to create new forms and compositions. Because of my painting process, it felt natural for me to find a way to explore the same with ceramics.